Summer Danoe 500754639

Graduation project 22/23

Coach: Marije ten Brink

Company: The Robot Lab AUAS

Company coach: Marco Galli

Source: HvA

Source: HvA

The RobotLab

In common production line environments industrial robots often perform a singular repetitive task. But there are many less-conventional and creative ways to utilize the full potential of these industrial robots. There are many non-standard applications that we can use to explore the future of robotics and develop new technologies. For example; picking and placing/stacking objects, painting, CNC milling, large scale 3D printing and many more beyond our imagination.

In the AUAS Robot Lab in the Jacoba Mulderhuis there are multiple industrial robots available for research and educational purposes. Students and other interested people can explore the possibilities of non-standard applications of industrial robots.

Before you are allowed to work with these powerful and dangerous industrial robots, you have to be familiar with the basic concepts of robotics. For these beginners the Robot Lab built the educational cell.

What is the cobot?

The cobot is a small robot arm mounted on a cart. It is significantly smaller and safer than a traditional industrial robot, but works in the exact same way. After following an intro course on robotics with practical exercise executed on the cobot, you are ready to work with the big industrial robots.

The cobot sits on a cart so it can operate outside the RobotLab as well. This way it can be lent out to other faculties in the AUAS, or even to other institutions.